Meet V

Make no mistake: achieving glowing, healthy skin isn't merely a career for Veronica O'Sullivan, it's something of a mission. As a teenager in Ireland, Veronica suffered from extreme acne, valiantly enduring all of the emotional turmoil and strange home-remedy experimentation that generally accompanies such an affliction. One doctor even foolishly advised her to drink a pint of goat's milk per day for clear skin - a futile, but nevertheless calcium-rich, prescription Veronica remembers well. "Not recommended!" she laughs.

Fueled by a deep-seated desire to help other acne sufferers triumphantly weather their plight, Veronica embarked on a healthy-skincare pursuit that includes nearly 16 years (and counting!) of professional education and salon experience. In 2004, after building a lengthy list of devoted clients through her inspiring work at highly esteemed San Francisco spas, Veronica opened Aesthetics by Veronica in Presidio Heights, where she practices an effective and nurturing mind-body regimen that incorporates calming lavender aromatherapy ("Besides its soothing nature, lavender is a wonderful anti-inflammatory," she says), rejuvenating facial massage ("This stimulates blood flow, releases toxins, and promotes relaxation"), and the masterful use of innovative Jan Marini and PCA SKIN products that generate significant clinical results.

Unlike acne, aging - and the lost elasticity, pigmentation, and textural changes that come with it - "is an inevitable predicament," says Veronica, who recommends an individualized skincare system of Vitamin C, glycolic acid, anti-inflammatories, and all-trans retinoids to brighten, restore, and rejuvenate skin health. It's Veronica's rare first-hand experience that distinguishes her expertise and inspires her wholehearted mission to help people put their best faces forward.

Veronica O'Sullivan